Shower Heads with Machined Cast Brass Nozzles

Our "Classic", "Ultra" and "Oasis" lines of rain shower heads features machined cast brass nozzles, unlike many competitors' units.

In our "Classic" line, these nozzles are each cast and then precisely machined and bored. During assembly, each is individually threaded into the shower head faceplate. This provides superior and more consistent streams of water than the "punched holes" or dimples found in many shower heads that may appear similar at a glance.

Machined brass nozzles costs much more to manufacture and install but provide a superior shower and near-laminar streams for excellent pressure.


In this photo you can see that each nozzle is individually threaded and gasketed. Notice that the hole at the back of the nozzle, where the water enters, is larger than the front hole. Each nozzle is tapered internally to provide the optimum pressure at the exit. This provides a level of stream control that is not possible in shower heads that have simple holes in the faceplate instead of machined nozzles.

Closeup of machined cast brass nozzles - standard on all "Classic" models

Each nozzle is individually gasketed and threaded into the faceplate

This is a closeup of the faceplate of a shower head with typical "dimples" instead of individual nozzles. These holes may be either punched or drilled through the faceplate.

Since the faceplate isn't very thick, the water does not get controlled as it exits the shower head and the spray just "squirts" out of the holes instead of being guided out by machined nozzles. This greatly affects the quality of the shower since the water streams must not disperse or break up before reaching the body or the water becomes more of a mist with much lower pressure.


Closeup of a competitors dimpled faceplate

Our Ultra and Oasis models also offer machined cast brass nozzles, although it isn't obvious by just looking. Unlike some identical looking units widely available, our units are made entirely from cast brass (poured, thick) instead of thin rolled sheet brass. The nozzles are precisely bored through the thick casting to provide excellent stream control which means great pressure. The greater thickness of the casting versus rolled sheet brass makes the difference.
Closeup of 6" Oasis
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