Security at is extremely concerned about the security of our payment processing system. After careful evaluation, we choose to use PayPal as our credit card processor for the best security possible. (Most major credit cards are accepted, not just PayPal payments). We value our customers' security as we do our own, and we concluded that the scale and sophistication of the security offered by the PayPal system exceeded that of the available smaller-scale solutions. PayPal's state-of-the-art security system provides a level of security against today's sophisticated threats that we, as a small business, could not provide on our own. During checkout, customers link directly to the PayPal credit-card processing system via a secure SSL connection, and customers' credit card information is never entered into our system.

With many online stores, your credit card info resides in two places - on the store's own system, and also on the system of their credit-card processor. Typically the credit-card processor will provide excellent security, but the weak link can be the security of the store, particularly if they are a business without their own secure datacenter or on-site IT staff 24/7, like most small businesses. Worse yet, the payment info often resides on a simple PC server with no formal procedures for protecting the data from theft, duplication, improper access or technical vulnerabilities. is proud to offer our customers the security of PCI compliance through PayPal's credit-card processing system.

PCI compliance

PayPal adheres to international PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for data security.

What is PCI compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are network security and business practice guidelines adopted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB to establish a “minimum security standard” to protect customer’s payment card information.








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