Size vs. Pressure

Mother nature and physics provide some rules that apply to shower head pressure. Every house has a given water supply pressure, and for any given supply pressure (as a starting point) the resulting pressure coming out of the shower head nozzles will decline with the number of nozzles. Different types of nozzles can greatly affect this, but if we are comparing shower heads with identical nozzles, the shower head with the most nozzles will have the weakest pressure and the shower head with the fewest nozzles will have the most pressure. For example, it is guaranteed that in any particular shower our 5 1/2" Classic will provide more stream pressure than our 10" Classic, and our 6" Oasis will provide more stream pressure than our 10" Oasis, simply because the available pressure gets divided into fewer streams.

For this reason we highly recommend choosing larger shower heads carefully to ensure excellent nozzle quality to make the most of the available supply pressure. Learn more about Machined Cast Brass Nozzles

The machined cast brass nozzles of a "Classic" rain shower head
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